PerfoLink LLC. is a young Russian company that successfully uses innovative products and technologies developed by their scientists and experts in the drilling, completion and stimulation of oil and gas wells.

PerfoLink Ltd. has developed novel jet charges with relief lining for well perforation operations.
These charges are registered under the MVHTM trademark, i.e. Max Volume Hole: a channel with maximum volume.


PerfoLink LLC. provides engineering services to solve the following challenging problems encountered during the development of oil and gas fields:

Determination of allowable depressions in drilling and operating wells (including horizontal wells).
Selecting the horizontal/inclined well drilling parameters to ensure borehole stability.
Selection and combination of the most efficient methods to stimulate production for specific fields.

PerfoLink Ltd, in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for Problems in Mechanics, has developed a new method for enhancing oil well productivity the so-called "geo-shattering method".

Technical solutions embodied in the jet charge with relief lining and in the method for increasing oil well productivity are the subject of industrial intellectual property and protected by patents.

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